Disabled Children's Fund

Wheelchair Collection

…Wondering what to do with that wheel chair that has been sitting around?
Wonder no more!!!   

We collect wheel chairs, walkers, crutches, and rehab equipment to be used for:

*  Disaster Relief
* Special Projects

       We take used wheel chairs that are under five years old and make them like new again!

Refurbishing is done by volunteers from a partnering organization at one out of ten refurbishing centers located in Iowa, Minnesota and South Dakota. We are very grateful for the many volunteers along the way who help make wheelchairs a reality for children suffering physically and developmentally.

Your Wheel Chairs and Mobile Devices can be collected!
Please note the contact person closest to you:

Alvin W. Miller- 540-295-7316- worldwideministries7@yahoo.com
*West Virginia

Mary Tieken-217-722-3607- mltieken@hotmail.com

Other items that we distribute in ministry are: blankets, clothing, hats, eyeglasses, food, vitamins, and baseball and soccer equipment!

If there is not anyone in your area to collect your wheel chairs or
mobility devices email us at: helpsomechild@gmail.com


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